Is it true that you can’t get pregnant if the woman doesn’t have an orgasm?

No. Some people think that a woman’s orgasm helps push the sperm upward. But science shows it doesn’t have any effect. You’ll get pregnant anytime sperm fertilizes an egg, whether or not there’s an orgasm involved. In Hindi क्या यह सच है कि अगर महिला को ऑर्गेज्म नहीं होता है तो आप गर्भवती नहीं हो

I’m breastfeeding. Does that mean I can’t get pregnant?

Your chances are lower, but you can still get pregnant while nursing. Breastfeeding raises levels of a hormone that suppresses ovulation. You’re least likely to conceive in the first 3 months of breastfeeding, but it is possible to start ovulating earlier.  You can get pregnant, even if you haven’t had a period. Talk to your

Is there a chance I can get pregnant from swallowing semen?

No. Once you swallow semen, your body treats it as it would food. It starts to digest, and the sperm are usually killed in your stomach and intestines. But even if some survive, there’s no way they can travel through the blood to your vagina or uterus. In Hindi क्या वीर्य निगलने से गर्भवती होने

Can I get pregnant if I’m already pregnant?

You can, although it’s super rare. Most of the time, your hormones change when you’re pregnant. You stop ovulating, so you can’t get pregnant again. But a very small number of women may ovulate once or more during pregnancy. This may result in another pregnancy, called a superfetation. In Hindi अगर मैं पहले से ही

Will I get pregnant from oral sex?

You won’t get pregnant from oral sex by itself. Sperm must enter the vagina to fertilize an egg. If the man ejaculates near the vagina or puts their erect penis near your vagina, there’s a risk of pregnancy. You can also spread sperm by touching semen or pre-ejaculate and then touching the vagina. STDs are

Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex?

It’s very unlikely, but you can get pregnant from anal sex. The sperm may travel from the anus to the vagina. This may be caused by ejaculation near the vagina. Or you or your partner may get semen or pre-ejaculate on your fingers and then touch the vagina. If the woman’s ovulating, this sperm may

If we don’t have a condom, can we use plastic wrap or a balloon?

You shouldn’t try to DIY a condom. Plastic wrap, balloons, and other materials don’t work. They don’t fit and can fall off. They also break easily. Condoms are designed to stay on during sex, and they’ve been tested to make sure they work. In Hindi यदि हमारे पास कंडोम नहीं है, तो क्या हम प्लास्टिक

Is it true that I won’t get pregnant while I’m on my period?

Although the odds are lower, you can still get pregnant during your period. There are a few ways it can happen: What you think is your period may actually be bleeding caused by ovulation. That’s when your ovaries release an egg. It’s also possible to ovulate during menstruation. And there’s a chance of getting pregnant

Does taking the contraceptive pill at the same time each day matter?

Probably not — if a woman consistently took a pill at any time during a 24-hour timeframe every single day, she would very likely not get pregnant. But missing pills is the most common reason women get pregnant while on the pill and is also the reason why the typical use failure rate of the

Should you still use protection with oral sex?

Yes, to reduce the likelihood of STD transmission with oral sex, a dental dam is recommended when having sex with a new or non-monogamous partner. The dental dam is a sheet of soft pliable film that serves as a barrier to prevent STD transmission. In Hindi क्या आपको अभी भी मुख मैथुन के साथ सुरक्षा