Appointdoctor – My learnings

Private clinics are a big thing in India. Growing up in a tier-2 or tier-3 city, who has not experienced long waiting lines, and weird rules set by the clinic assistant? Hours of waiting especially when you are in pain always bothered me. So what was the solution? Appointdoctor. Appointdoctor is an online tool to

The Purchase Requisition tool

Introduction The purchase tool is an internal tool to digitize the purchase requisitions for finance, accounts & servicing teams replacing the pen-on-paper process.  Onboard the idea One of our youngsters Pradesh faced issues with the current process. Some of his purchased requests were delayed and some got stuck due to miscommunication. Frustrated Pradesh brought the

The Stakeholder management and insights tool

Introduction After the 30th client on board the Digital media monitor platform and the positive response we have received, the leadership started thinking what else? How can we further optimize the process? We are receiving a lot of data. Is there a way we can convert these data into insights? Problem Statement Corporate communications and