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The fairytale journey of Grammarly

Grammarly's journey from 2009 as an English writing assistant to 2020 to be named the World's most innovative AI company, is nothing but a fairytale. The success story of Grammarly as a product or brand is the perfect blend of user demand, technology, and the marketing strategy, which helped Grammarly to be at the right

Reimagining the house hunting experience using the first principle thinking

Introduction From my personal experience, I can say that I hate house hunting. There are 3-4 online portals available where I search according to my location, budget, etc. They throw some free listing. The property locations are mostly inaccurate, the facilities are half-filled. After that, I am asked to subscribe to their premium plans. They

Some interesting psychologies for PMs

Inhibiting Pressures The phenomenon: human activity is influenced by reasons not to do something, in addition to reasons to do somethingThe application: remove inhibiting pressures and friction to get users to “wow” fast Procedural Knowledge The phenomenon: Humans remember sequences (procedural knowledge) better than facts (declarative)The application: the flow of the product should show what

Building a trip planner for a travel app (ixigo) to improve retention

Introduction The Indian tourism sector is growing 6.9% annually to $460 bn by 2028, which is 9.9% of the GDP, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Traveling has undergone a major transformation over the past two years since the post-pandemic era began. While India’s travel industry continued to rebuild after the second

Design an app to find colleagues to have lunch with so nobody ever eats alone.

Recently Zomato has shared the idea of an app where people can discover colleagues to have lunch with so nobody ever eats alone. During this weekend, I thought why not brainstorm on this. It should be fun. Why does an office colleague have lunch alone? He is new to the office and doesn't know anyone

Improve the user onboarding experience of Spinny

What is the User Onboarding experience? When we sign in to an app/ product for the first time, it shows us its key features or how-tos on the first couple of screens. That is onboarding. It helps new users understand and experience how the product is going to help them achieve their objectives. Onboarding gets

Same day delivery to 10-minutes – How hyperlocal delivery products are changing the e-commerce ecosystem in India.

When a five-month-old startup Zepto has managed to raise $160 million and within 2 months of the investment increases its valuation to $570 million, automatically the talk of the town has become "online grocery delivery under 10 minutes". Big players like Zomato, Swiggy, and BigBasket all jumped into the line. Swiggy announced to invest $700

Design a Car/ EV charging station experience

I believe the EV charging stations are the next big thing in the advertisement. It takes 45 to 60 minutes for a car to get fully charged. This 45-60 minute is the window where, if used properly, brands can get huge attention.  Meanwhile, the charging stations can be used as a hangout place. Food and

Design a refrigerator for blind people

This is a pretty common question in PM interviews. There are many answers available against it. But I find most of them to be very impractical. So here I am trying to dive deep and find some logical and reasonable solutions. Clarifying Questions: Our target audience is fully blind or partially blind?We are talking about

An online meat-delivery app is planning to start its subscription program. As a PM how do you plan the business?

Assumptions I am taking 'Zappfresh' one of the leading online meat delivery apps for this exercise. The competitors are Licious and Fresh to home.Most order happens in the early morning and evening slots.Most purchases are of raw meat. Chicken breast pieces are their best-selling product. Why do people subscribe/ preorder something? The first reason is

What exactly happened in the Super Bowl?

Cryptocurrency companies like, Coinbase, FTX were a major presence at this year’s Super Bowl. However, Coinbase stole the limelight with its Super Bowl debut with a remarkable clever QR code ad. We all have seen movie DVDs where some logos used to bounce around the screen. Likewise, the entire Coinbase ad consisted of a

How do you improve engagement on an internal communication tool?

By internal communications tool, I understand a platform where people in an organization interact in a semi-formal or informal way. Organization-level announcements, event updates, HR, and leadership speaks are shared on an internal communications platform. Assumptions and Clarifying Questions What do you mean by engagement? What are the expectations?A certain percentage of people should like/dislike