Google maps timeline 2021, a moment of satisfaction for me

I have signed up for Google maps local guide. So, when I visit any place, I share some images, put a rating and a brief review. If my GPS is on, Google tracks my locations and asks for general information like parking facilities, toilet facilities, opening and closing times, wheelchair availability, etc. For every piece of information, Google maps gives me some points and a badge. At the end of each year, Google maps share this personalized email, capturing all the places I have been to. 

I loved this email so much that I kind of waited for this email. It helps me pause a bit and look back and cherish the experiences I had over the year.

Like most of us, I have spent almost the entire year at home. But Google maps told me that I covered 52 cities in 2021. Forty-four of them I have never been to. A moment of satisfaction. I have visited 189 places, and among them 164 are new. Mysore, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Lucknow, Hospet, Udupi, Siliguri, Guwahati are among the top places I visited last year. I saw huge dams at Tungabhadra River, and Kaveri River, witnessed surreal St Mary’s beach, drove through the cleanest state in India, Meghalaya, crossed river Ganga, and the Brahmaputra took bathe in Hrishikesh, walked down the narrow lanes of Varanasi, and many more. Now that I am writing about them, I can see the frames sliding one after another, like a movie. I will cherish these moments forever. A very thoughtful email indeed.

Some points can improve this emailer even further

  1. After ‘Cities visited’ and ‘Places visited’, the trip highlights section seems repetitive to me.
  2. I did not understand the monthly chart under the shopping (50 hours – 29 places) and the eating (97 hours – 26 places) tag. How do you quantify shopping and eating by time?
  3. Instead, I would love to see how my shared information has helped others. A chart with the viewing pattern of my data by months/ places.

I appreciate the effort the Google maps team put together to create this email. But the only way forward is the undying desire for improvement.