Coinbase remarkable ad

What exactly happened in the Super Bowl?

Cryptocurrency companies like, Coinbase, FTX were a major presence at this year’s Super Bowl. However, Coinbase stole the limelight with its Super Bowl debut with a remarkable clever QR code ad. We all have seen movie DVDs where some logos used to bounce around the screen. Likewise, the entire Coinbase ad consisted of a colorful bouncing QR code. When scanned, the code brought viewers to Coinbase’s promotional website, offering a limited-time offer of $15 worth of free Bitcoin to new sign-ups, along with a $3 million giveaway. The offer is a limited-time one, with new customers having until February 15th to get the $15 promotion. 

What about the result? The ad outperformed every competitor. Coinbase installs jumped 309% week-over-week after the ad aired at Super Bowl Sunday, February 13. It continued to climb by another 286% the following day. Coinbase went from No. 124 ranking on Sunday, to No. 2 app on the U.S. App Store by Monday.

But, is this ad that effective? It sparked people’s curiosity, check. A lot of people visited their landing page, check. They saw $15 Bitcoin and sign-up, check. The volume crashed their website, resulting in more visibility, check. The news became trending on Twitter, check. The advertisers and creative people went gaga on how innovative and brave the campaign was. Coinbase’s ad was also disruptive. If the goal was to get attention in a short time, then it is no doubt one of the biggest campaigns in recent times. 

But, for the long term, a good campaign must also be persuasive. And the best way to persuade is to connect with the audience emotionally. Scanning a QR code to make users visit an impersonalized page, spending $3M to lure them just to get their email id/ mobile number was just a fancy stunt unless they have a follow-up campaign to carry on. There is nothing better than creative storytelling to deliver your brand message to your audience and connect at an emotional point. For a broader picture, customers only stand by a brand or a product they believe in and connect at a personal level.

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