Bashgram – where nature entwined with designing

The city of Agartala is blessed with some mesmerizing sights. Watching the sunset at Durgabari Tea Garden, a walk in the woods of Sepahijala Forest, sighting an unknown Bangladeshi train whistle away from Kamalasagar while sipping hot tea- these are immersive experiences for me. One such place is Bashgram. It is 1-2 hours drive from the city through tea gardens and rubber forests. Bashgram is a cute little place, beautifully designed and decorated with bamboo. The designer took the available bamboo resources and played around with colours and lights.

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For a guy like me who has been living in the city since the last couple of years, away from the greenery and peace of the suburbs, Bashgram was quite an experience. It was a sudden weekend plan with my cousin and friends, who picked me up on the way. We packed some food and played good music throughout, enjoying the tea gardens, forests, lakes, paddy fields and small markets that we drove past. We reached our destination at 4 in the evening.

The entrance did not look very promising as the little gift shop was misleading and the per-head entry fee of Rs. 100 upset my friends. But as we entered, we were awestruck by the beauty. They have a nice sitting place, an auditorium, a little treehouse, a nice hut with a garden. They even have a little pond and a sitting area in the middle of it. The walkways are made of bamboos and they light diya in the evening. The traditional touch mixed with the emotions we have for bamboo and bamboo craft and modern design collaborating puts it in ‘a-must-visit-places’ list in Tripura.

I don’t want to comment on their food, as I did not see much options. If I have the chance I would have started by offering my visitors a free welcome drink and quickly finish their construction so that the visitors don’t feel cheated for their entry fee.

There is no doubt that the place is promising and construction is still going on. I wish them nothing but the best and hope that they keep their individuality and improve their decoration with time.