Koshba Kalibari

Koshba kalibari: the red bindi in the green forest

Kailashgar was a fort in the kingdom of Tripura. In 1437, Haitan Khan, an army general of Bengal captured it and named it Koshba. Then around the 15th century, Maharaja Dhanya Manikya and Maharani Kamala built Koshba Kalibari and dug Kamalasagar, a huge lake right in front of the temple. This is the short history behind Koshba Kalibari and Kamalasagar.

Koshba Kalibari market area
Koshba Kalibari market area
Koshba Kalibari market area

Situated about 27 kilometres from Agartala, Kamalasagar Koshba Kalibari is one of the major tourist attraction of Tripura. After huge development by the tourism authority, the management here has become a lot more organised. The locals are now aware of the importance of tourism and motivated to keep the surroundings clean. Sunday haats / Mandis in the border is also a major attraction. You can see a lot of local items for sale.

You ride through tea gardens and dense forests to reach this surreal temple, overlooking the wavy Kamalasagar and beyond the Indo-Bangladesh border. Growing up the only glimpse of the train I used to get is from the hillock of Koshba when a sky-blue train passes whistling carefree through the area in Bangladesh. Sometimes I imagine Koshba Kalibari must look like a red bindi in the Last green forest from an aerial view.

Kamalasagar Koshba
Koshba Kalibari Idol

The idol of Koshba Kalibari is actually of the goddess Dasabhuja Durga but is worshipped as Maa Kali. Also, there is a Shivalinga sculpture at the feet of the idol. The “pera” sweet which you get as prasad is super tasty. After you pay your visit to Maa, you can sit beside Kamalasagar, under the palm trees and relax. This temple is not yet overcrowded and you can have a sense of the simplicity of the Bengali culture.